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BrassWindFix are now on Twitter

twitterYes we’ve taken the plunge and have joined the wonderful world of twitter!

Follow us on @BrassWindFix and keep updated with all the Tweets!

Don’t forget that BrassWindFix are also on Facebook and have lots of news and offers every week – which will only be available on the Facebook site! So join us and keep updated on all things Brass and Woodwind.

Not sure we’ve quite got the hang of it just yet so please follow us and tweet to get us started and involved – we need all the help we can get with social media!

What would you like to hear about?  Do you want advice on how to keep your instrument in good order between servicing?  Or do you want more information about removing dents and dings from your instrument and how we do it? Do you need cleaning advice on what products to use to remove verdigris etc from brass?  Let us know what you need to know so we can make sure we tailor our updates to be relevant and what you want to hear or know about!

Not on twitter?  Join us on Facebook to keep updated on the latest news and advice.

Of course, all this social media is fine – but you can’t beat human contact so please do call us if you have any questions, you need some advice, you have an emergency repair or want to book your instrument into the workshop – we are here Monday – Friday from 8am until 6pm (please do ring before heading out just in case we’ve had to nip out) so call us on 0333 7000 349.  Pop in to the workshop – we are based in Wrington near Bristol.



Instrument Repairers – More about Justin Pavey

Justin-PaveyJustin Pavey – is one of the south west’s top woodwind and brass instrument repairers but did you know that he is also a very accomplished Tenor and Bass Trombone player?

Justin is the owner of BrassWindFix – specialist woodwind and brass repair and servicing based in Wrington, near Bristol.  He knows brass and woodwind instruments inside out and outside in but is also in high demand as a freelance trombonist.

More about the Justin you may not know – the man behind the workshop apron!

Justin is an accomplished and adaptable trombonist.  He has played in numerous orchestras since the age of 14 all over the South West with the highlight of playing on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury one year.  He also plays in many brass bands including bass trombone in the Mighty Flowers Band who, when Justin was playing with them won the Areas and the Grand Shield.  Justin also plays Bass trombone as part of the Bruce Ilett Band – a fantastic swing band specialising in the music from the Harry James era.  As well as all that – Justin also co-runs and plays tenor trombone in a wedding/party/covers band called Doctor Chocolate – wedding band.  Cramming even more into his hectic schedule Justin also co-runs and plays bass trombone for an awesome James Bond Tribute Band in the South West too called “The Name Is Band…..Bond Tribute Band”.

A wide, varied and eclectic mix of musical styles!





Exam Fever

It’s February half-term! Time for most schools and colleges to relax and recharge for a week both students and teachers.  Justin Pavey at BrassWindFix is an experienced, reliable and specialist woodwind and brass instrument repairer.  Due to the high quality of his work the BrassWindFix workshop is often booked up some weeks in advance and we can’t always guarantee that there will be availability in the diary for an emergency repair/service – but half term is imminent and the calls from frantic parents who have children approaching exams will be calling to book instruments in for repair.

Exams are coming soon and you need your instrument to be in the best possible condition to help you perform at your best and get the results you want!  Here are a few ways to check your instrument is exam ready too!

Check your instrument over – are any valves or keys sticking? examinations
Do any of the pads need replacing?
Anything rattling on the instrument?
When was the last time you had it serviced
Is your instrument in need of repair?
Is the instrument in tip top condition?

If any of the above problems apply to your instrument then please don’t leave it to the last minute to get them fixed!

So check your instrument during the holidays, make sure it’s all working as it should.  If not, contact BrassWindFix and make an appointment to sort any problems out early – it will still give you time to practise on your new super-improved instrument so you too are super-primed, practised and ready for those all important examinations and grades.


How to fix a trumpet leak!

trumpet leak Bach StradHave you got a trumpet leak?  Do you know how to fix a trumpet leak if you find it?   Chances are it has been caused through simple wear and tear which is simple to fix – simple to fix if you know how!

BrassWindFix received a call from a client who had a Bach Strad Trumpet with this very problem.  The trumpet was brought into the workshop and BrassWindFix discovered the trumpet leak was in the joint connecting the 1st valve and bell.  BrassWindFix to the rescue!  This leak was caused through wear and tear on the instrument and was repairable.  To fix this trumpet leak Justin made a brass patch and soldered it to the instrument and you can see the finished result in the picture opposite.

A very happy customer and a very happy trumpet!

BrassWindFix repair and service all woodwind and brass instruments in their workshop based in Wrington.  If you find your instrument is not playing as it should then please bring it in to us so we can see what the problem is.  We may not be able to fix it straight away but we can assess what’s wrong and get it booked into the diary – you then drop it into us on the date of the appointment and it is fixed that day – so you can collect.  You won’t be without your instrument for any longer than necessary.

Of course sometimes you may find that you have a fault and you need an emergency repair – call us on 0333 7000 349 and explain the problem to us – if we can fix and repair it the same day we will!




Silver Soldering

saxophone-octave-keA customer came to the workshop at BrassWindFix in saxophone-octave-key-2Wrington, Bristol recently after their instrument had an accident.  A part of the link for the octave key mechanism for the saxophone had broken off.

BrassWindFix made a brand new link one and, after some silver soldering, managed to put it all back together.  We are pleased to report that the instrument is now working again! Hurrah.



BrassWindFix – Diary

2012-10-24 14.51.49BrassWindFix enjoyed a very busy lead up to Christmas with brass and woodwind instruments of all shapes and sizes coming through the workshop needing servicing, repair and also some serious dent work. The workshop is run by Justin Pavey, an expert woodwind and brass repairer – also an expert in dent-work!

The Christmas season was a busy old time and BrassWindFix are now looking through the diary for 2014.  With Easter on the horizon the BrassWindFix diary is already fully-booked until after the February half-term.

We know that on the lead up to Easter there will be some nervous, confident, apprehensive and enthusiastic musical students in the area that have examinations, rehearsals, performances and competitions starting soon afterwards.   There will be many hours spent practicising for those all-important nail-biting examinations.

Whilst you’re practising, please take a look at your woodwind or brass instrument.  Is it in the best possible condition it can be?  Are there any keys sticking? Do any pads need replacing? Have you dropped or damaged it? Have you been playing it whilst chewing gum and blown it into the neck of the instrument? (you’d be surprised how many sweeties we remove from instruments!) Would it need just a little expert TLC to make it feel like a brand new instrument again?

You need to ensure your instrument is in peak condition as it can enhance and improve your performance so everything works with you exactly as it should.  But please don’t leave it until the last minute!  Book your instrument in for servicing or repair with BrassWindFix now – you’ll need a little time to practice and adjust to your newly serviced/repaired instrument after its been in the BrassWindFix workshop! It will play like new afterwards!

BrassWindFix are fully-booked up until the February half-term holidays and, as we work a diary system, you’ll need to book your instrument into the diary as soon as possible.  We do have some emergency appointments available but these also get full quickly!

After an instrument service or repair at BrassWindFix we receive lots of calls and emails telling us how pleased the client is with the work.  We are often told that “it feels like a brand-new instrument” or “it’s never played so well” after BrassWindFix has worked on it and the majority of our work comes through recommendation.

So contact us now! Get it booked into the diary before all the available dates are gone!


Expert Emergency Repairs at BrassWindFix

BrassWindFix have a diary full of interesting emergency repairs coming into the workshop – especially last week when a Rath Trombone was rushed in needing some serious TLC!

Due to an unfortunate incident at home, the bell of the Rath Trombone had been badly dented and twisted – as you will see from the pictures below.  The client was really worried, not only because the trombone was his pride and joy, but also because it was needed for a run of Christmas bookings and needed to be in full working order.  It was imperative that the repairs were carried out as soon as possible and Justin carried out emergency repairs on the instrument .

BrassWindFix are lucky to have an expert dent repairer in Justin Pavey who revels a challenge – and this was certainly a challenge!

After a day in the workshop the trombone left as good as new and one very happy customer left with his instrument and ready for the Christmas Party Season.

So if you have an instrument that needs minor/major dent work or if it has suffered an accident and been badly damaged please and you need some emergency repairs carried out – don’t worry – ring Justin at BrassWindFix or pop it into the workshop during the week for some expert advice on the damage.  BrassWindFix can offer an emergency service if needed or, for less urgent repairs, we can book it into the diary for next year.

before-repair-and-after-1 before-repair-and-after-2before-repair-and-after-3


BrassWindFix Gift Vouchers


BrassWindFix Gift Vouchers are now available and are an ideal present for all woodwind and brass musicians!

The gift vouchers can be exchanged for any accessories we have available at BrassWindFix or can be put towards any servicing or repair for a woodwind or brass instrument in our workshop.  Each gift voucher is valid for up to 24 months from the date of purchase so there’s plenty of time for them to be redeemed!

So, if you are stuck for a gift idea for the woodwind or brass musician in your life whether it be for a birthday, christmas, anniversary, congratulations on passing your exam or just because you want to treat them to something just because you can, then the BrassWindFix gift vouchers are an ideal present.

What do we sell?

We sell reeds stands and accessoriescleaning and maintenance, mouth piece covers and little musical nik-naks – all items are available in our workshop and online.

If you don’t need any accessories then the gift vouchers can also be used towards payment for any instrument servicing or repair in our workshop at BrassWindFix.

Gift Vouchers start from as little as £5 so they are perfect as a stocking filler too!

For more information and to buy please contact Justin on 01934 861226 or email or pop into the workshop in Wrington! We’d love to see you!


BrassWindFix Celebrates 5 Years!

Happy Birthday to BrassWindFix – we are 5 years old on 1st September 2013!

BrassWindFix 5th Birthday

Thank you to all our customers!

BrassWindFix is a specialist woodwind & brass musical instrument repair business providing repairs, servicing and sales for all woodwind & brass musicians.  Based in Wrington, near Bristol, BrassWindFix was first established in 2008 by Justin Pavey who wanted to strike out on his own and begin his own business.  From a humble start in a small unit near Keynsham in 2008, BrassWindFix quickly grew in reputation as one of the top specialist Woodwind and Brass Repairers in the South West and relocated in May 2010 to our current workshop and retail premises in Wrington.

With over fifteen year’s service in the music industry, Justin not only has the knowledge and experience to produce work of the highest quality, but also understands a musician’s needs and requirements.  With the majority of repairs and servicing coming via recommendation we are very proud to say that five years on BrassWindFix are busier than ever and we would like to thank all our customers for their continued support over the past 5 years!

By way of a “Thank You” to all our customers we are having a 5th BIRTHDAY PRIZE DRAW and it’s really easy to enter!


The prize is a £25 BrassWindFix Gift Voucher that can be used to purchase £25 of accessories from us OR it can be used towards payment for a service or repair for your instrument at BrassWindFix in 2014!


The next time you are in the Workshop – check out our accessories for sale – many start at just 50p and everything is competitively priced!  All you need to do is buy an accessory for your woodwind or brass instrument between now and the 31st December 2013 and we’ll enter you in the prize draw to win the £25 voucher.

Not visiting the workshop for a while?  Well all our accessories are also available in our on-line shop via the website.  We’ll automatically enter you for the draw!

There is no minimum order requirement, all reeds are postage free, and each transaction will give you an entry into the prize draw!

Winner to be announced in January 2014!

Accessories are a perfect gift for any musician and are also fantastic stocking fillers!

Please visit our on-line shop or drop into the workshop to see all our current products.



Ever Heard of a Phonofiddle?

phonofiddle2phonofiddle1Well, we had heard of one – but had never actually seen one!  It’s a stringed instrument and we don’t normally service or repair stringed instruments – but this one, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is a little out of the ordinary and presented a little bit of a challenge in the workshop!

What is a phonofiddle?  Well it is a mix of brass and strings. The sound generated by the vibrations from the string or strings are transferred through the bridge to a connecting arm into the center of the diaphragm within the reproducer. The vibrating column of air is then directed into one or several horns.

Johannes Matthias Augustus Stroh patented the use of a metal diaphragm in the voice-box (reproducer) of a violin in 1899.

This phonofiddle arrived in a bit of a sad condition.  Broken.  Dented.  A split in the bell.  The customer really wanted to play it but there was no chance to try it out as it was broken in two.

Justin managed to repair the split in the bell, removed all the dents where possible, removed the resonator plate and reconnected the socket to the bell so the stringed part of the instrument could be reattached.

We are pleased to report that the instrument was put back together again and the customer was overjoyed with the work carried out.  Hurrah!  One string, one bow, one bell – one very unusual instrument!  We’re sure that the customer will get many hours of enjoyment trying to figure out how to play it!

We never know what instrument is going to come through the workshop for repair but we can guarantee that Justin will work his magic and do whatever is necessary to get it back in shape!

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