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Ever Heard of a Phonofiddle?

phonofiddle2phonofiddle1Well, we had heard of one – but had never actually seen one!  It’s a stringed instrument and we don’t normally service or repair stringed instruments – but this one, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is a little out of the ordinary and presented a little bit of a challenge in the workshop!

What is a phonofiddle?  Well it is a mix of brass and strings. The sound generated by the vibrations from the string or strings are transferred through the bridge to a connecting arm into the center of the diaphragm within the reproducer. The vibrating column of air is then directed into one or several horns.

Johannes Matthias Augustus Stroh patented the use of a metal diaphragm in the voice-box (reproducer) of a violin in 1899.

This phonofiddle arrived in a bit of a sad condition.  Broken.  Dented.  A split in the bell.  The customer really wanted to play it but there was no chance to try it out as it was broken in two.

Justin managed to repair the split in the bell, removed all the dents where possible, removed the resonator plate and reconnected the socket to the bell so the stringed part of the instrument could be reattached.

We are pleased to report that the instrument was put back together again and the customer was overjoyed with the work carried out.  Hurrah!  One string, one bow, one bell – one very unusual instrument!  We’re sure that the customer will get many hours of enjoyment trying to figure out how to play it!

We never know what instrument is going to come through the workshop for repair but we can guarantee that Justin will work his magic and do whatever is necessary to get it back in shape!


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