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SOLD – Secondhand Conn 36H Eb/Bb Alto Trombone FOR SALE – SOLD

Secondhand Conn 36H Eb/Bb Alto Trombone    

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+ £15 delivery (UK mainland)

This secondhand Conn Alto Trombone is in excellent condition and comes complete with a Conn hard case and a CKB-7C mouthpiece.

The bell is a 7″ yellow brass bell and it has a traditional wrap Bb attachment with traditional rotor. It has a clear lacquer finish with a brass outer slide and this wonderful instrument is approximately 15 years old.

All secondhand instruments sold by BrassWindFix are fully checked prior to sale in our own brass & woodwind repair workshop so you can be confident that you are buying a quality musical instrument that is in full working order. If you require further information, or would like to arrange to come and view or try the instrument at the BrassWindFix premises in Wrington, near Bristol, then please call us on 01934 861226 or click here to send a message through our contact page.



Dent Removal

Phone pics 150509 289

“It must have got dented in the case”Phone pics 150509 297

“The music stand just fell on it”

“I only put it on the floor for a second”

Minor dents and dings happen and are inevitable with brass instruments.  A few minor dents won’t seriously affect or change the overall sound Phone pics 150509 292or playability of your brass instrument,Phone pics 150509 296 however, if there are too many, or if the dent protrudes inwards more than 1/3 the diameter then this could cause a change in pitch, stability, tone and general playability.  Ideally there should not be any dents in brass instruments at all but that would be extremely unrealistic for both students and professional brass players.

If there are any dents in the mouthpiece shank, leadpipe or initial bore then these dents will affect the brass instrument considerably and will need to be repaired by a dent removal expert  to get the best out of your instrument and improve your personal performance. With trombone handslides both the inner and outer slides are easily bent so if you feel any dents at all whilst playing then this will need repairing to improve the performance of your brass instrument.

Many people try to remove dents and dings themselves but, if you don’t really know what  you are doing, dent removal yourself can cause further damage to the brass instrument and will require even more expert repair work and be more expensive.  Most dent repair work can be done easily and inexpensively – if caught early.

BrassWindFix have over 15 years experience of specialist dent removal and would be pleased to quote for any work required.

Specialist Dent removal of all brass instruments including: Trombones, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Alto Trombone, French Horn, Lower Brass, Upper Brass, Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Bari Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Trumpets, Bb Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Eb/D Trumpet, Baroque Trumpet, C  Trumpet, Contrabass Trumpet, Cornet, Soprano Cornet, Bb Cornet, Bb Soprano Cornet

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