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How to fix a trumpet leak!

trumpet leak Bach StradHave you got a trumpet leak?  Do you know how to fix a trumpet leak if you find it?   Chances are it has been caused through simple wear and tear which is simple to fix – simple to fix if you know how!

BrassWindFix received a call from a client who had a Bach Strad Trumpet with this very problem.  The trumpet was brought into the workshop and BrassWindFix discovered the trumpet leak was in the joint connecting the 1st valve and bell.  BrassWindFix to the rescue!  This leak was caused through wear and tear on the instrument and was repairable.  To fix this trumpet leak Justin made a brass patch and soldered it to the instrument and you can see the finished result in the picture opposite.

A very happy customer and a very happy trumpet!

BrassWindFix repair and service all woodwind and brass instruments in their workshop based in Wrington.  If you find your instrument is not playing as it should then please bring it in to us so we can see what the problem is.  We may not be able to fix it straight away but we can assess what’s wrong and get it booked into the diary – you then drop it into us on the date of the appointment and it is fixed that day – so you can collect.  You won’t be without your instrument for any longer than necessary.

Of course sometimes you may find that you have a fault and you need an emergency repair – call us on 0333 7000 349 and explain the problem to us – if we can fix and repair it the same day we will!



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