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Trumpet Repair at BrassWindFix

This Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet was recently brought into the workshop at BrassWindFix for trumpet repair.  The tuning slide on this particular trumpet was stuck firmly.  The client tried to release the stuck slide by tying something to the bow and forcibly pulling which resulted in the brass splitting, twisting and bending out of shape.

If you have a stuck slide we would advise you not to try and release it yourself.  You will need to take the instrument to a qualified and an experienced brass instrument repairer.  BrassWindFix is a specialist woodwind and brass repairer based in Wrington, just outside of Bristol, and we have the specialist tools and knowledge required  to release the slide without causing further damage.  By forcibly pulling at the slide you could cause more damage to your instrument which will result in more work required to bring your instrument back to a playable condition, therefore resulting in a more expensive repair needed.

Justin from BrassWindFix freed the tuning slide and replaced the bow.  Having replaced the bow, the slide needed to be re-lacquered so it was sent to our preferred lacquering specialist.  Upon return Justin reassembled the instrument and you’ll see from the images below that it looks as good as new!

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Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet (Before repairs)


Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet – Before repairs – Bent / twisted Tuning Slide


Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet Before repair – bent, split and twisted tuning slide


Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet BEFORE repairs – bent tuning slide


Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet AFTER repairs by BrassWindFix


Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet AFTER repairs by BrassWindFix


Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet AFTER repairs by Justin Pavey at BrassWindFix


Taylor “Supergold” Trumpet AFTER repairs by BrassWindFix


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